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  • william dailey's work as a building code and zoning consultant began in the 1980's when, having graduated from columbia university with an mba, he started working for such clients as lincoln center for the performing arts, the 42nd street development project, museum of modern art and the new york mets. since then we have collaborated and consulted on numerous museum and theater projects including broadway shows and special events.

    specially developed software enables us to map and track complex regulatory and compliance issues for rapid resolution. document management is handled by high-speed document and digital microfiche scanning machines, to facilitate orderly access and distribution of all project documents. the full-text software of the current and historical codes we maintain in-house enables us fast and accurately find answers for your questions. it includes new york city and new york state building codes, electrical code, nys department of environmental conservation code, nys energy conservation construction codes, nyc department of environmental protection and fire prevention codes.

    our knowledge of the local area and regulatory agencies is extensive, and our experience in code research and interpretation can prove to be of great use in negotiating solutions to complex problems.

    will dailey is erudite and knows tons about manhattan, and probably more about theater code that any other expediter - he used to work in theater production. he also specializes in museum code. he helps us solve problems in a serious way while being sensitive to what we are trying to accomplish architecturally.

    - sara caples, caples jefferson architects;
    the architects newspaper, 01.18.2006